Acoustical Ceilings

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Acoustical ceilings (Tbar)

If you’re looking for top-notch installation of acoustical ceiling grid and tiles, also known as T-bar, look no further! We’re your go-to experts, dedicated to delivering precise installation and unbeatable quality. Our commitment to excellence and strict compliance with industry standards guarantees your Calgary project will be handled with the utmost skill.

Custom Tbar Ceiling
Custom T bar Ceilings

Our custom T-Bar ceiling service offers versatile design solutions for any space, providing an elegant and practical ceiling system that can accommodate a variety of lighting, air conditioning, and aesthetic preferences. This tailored approach allows for personalized layouts that enhance both the functionality and visual appeal of your interiors.

Ceiling Tile Installation
Tile Placement

Our tile placement service involves carefully fitting ceiling tiles within the installed grid, creating a seamless and attractive finish. We offer a wide range of tile materials and designs, allowing for customization to match your interior design and acoustic requirements.

tbar grid installation
Grid Installation

We specialize in the precise installation of ceiling grid systems, laying the foundation for T-Bar and tile ceilings. Our expert team ensures that the grid is perfectly aligned and securely attached, providing a strong and stable framework for ceiling tiles and panels.

Tbar Ceiling Clouds
Custom Ceiling Clouds

We Install custom ceiling clouds, offering both aesthetic and acoustic benefits for any space. These suspended features can be designed in various shapes and sizes, adding visual interest and effectively managing sound within open areas or rooms with high ceilings. Our custom clouds are ideal for enhancing both the style and comfort of your environment.