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Drywall contractor in calgary

Looking for top-notch Drywall Services in Calgary? You’ve found the right place! Our experienced team specializes in delivering premium quality drywall solutions. As your reliable Drywall Contractor in Calgary, we focus on precision, adherence to industry standards, and timely project completion. 

Drywall Preparation
Drywall Prep (Ipd's)

This service includes the preparation for insulation, poly, and drywall installation, ensuring that walls and ceilings are ready for city inspections and insulation. .

Spray Foam and Insulation

We provide insulation services using materials like fiberglass or cellulose, and spray foam insulation for superior energy efficiency and air sealing.

Drywall Count
Drywall Count & Light Marking

This service includes the preparation for drywall installation. We properly do a drywall count to minimize waste and to avoid any burried potlights or plugs.

Drywall Installation
Drywall installation

Our skilled team measures, cuts, and installs drywall panels to form the interior walls and ceilings of your space.

Taping Level 4
Taping Level 4

This involves applying joint tape and compound to the seams of drywall panels, creating a smooth, seamless surface for painting or texturing.

Texture Knockdown
Texture knockdown

We offer textured finishes like knockdown texture and texture repairs for ceilings , adding a decorative element and hiding imperfections.​

Level 5 Finish taping
Level 5 Finish, Flat Ceiling

We achieve a Level 5 finish, the highest standard for smoothness, ideal for areas with critical lighting or where a flat, flawless ceiling is desired.​

Sanding and Priming Drywall
Sanding & Priming

Sanding is performed to smooth out the compound applied after taping, ensuring a perfectly smooth surface ready for finishing touches. Priming prepares the drywall surface for painting

Drywall Repairs and Touchups
Drywall Touch Ups

Our touch-up service addresses any imperfections or damages, ensuring the drywall finish is impeccable before the final stages of your project.

Pre Occs (Pre-Occupancy Touch ups)​
Pre Occs (Pre-Occupancy Touch ups)​

Before occupancy, we conduct thorough inspections and finishing touches, ensuring everything meets your standards and is ready for move-in.

About us

Why choose Quality Gypsum as your drywall contractor?​

We employ the best drywall professionals in the business. For this reason, we can perform well on any project be it residential, custom residential, commercial, mixed use, or multi-family residential.

At Quality Gypsum Services, we take pride in our reputation for delivering the best craftsmanship on projects throughout Calgary and Alberta. Whether you’re a homeowner, a business owner, or a contractor in need of reliable drywall services, you can count on us to get the job done right.

New homes and Multifamily

Residential Drywall Contractor

Residential Drywall contractor

We collaborate closely with homeowners or their general contractors. Our services include custom home drywall installation, drywall taping, and a range of insulation options such as spray foam, fiberglass batts, mineral batts, blown-in insulation, and insulation removal. We are experts in drywall services for new custom homes, but also cater to home renovation needs.


All you need to know about cost

Drywall installation cost in Calgary

Our pricing is sharp and competitive, customized for your project’s scale and unique needs. From a basement remodel beginning at $4,000 to a large, over 3,000 square feet home approximately $40,000+, we handle it all. Our drywall hourly rates are top-notch and competitively priced, usually ranging from $65 to $80 per hour.

Receive a precise Drywall Estimate in Calgary from our experts. We provide detailed, tailored quotes for any size project, ensuring you get the best value. Our team excels in all aspects of drywall work, including installation, taping, and finishing. 

Drywall installation Cost in Calgary

New homes and Multifamily

COMMERCIAL Drywall Contractor

Commercial Drywall contractor

Our experienced team of drywall professionals understands the importance of timeliness in homeowners’ projects. We prioritize clear communication and adherence to deadlines throughout the insulation, drywall, and taping stages. Timeliness is essential in all our drywall projects, with our aim being to hand over projects promptly without compromising on quality